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Friday, September 9, 2011

Traveling Again

A plein air bunch of paintings coming up!

I've been working in the studio for a while, but next week, I'm getting out. Mia Lane is coming to paint with me and we are going to go plein air on the North Shore of Boston and down to Cape Cod. Mia is a Canadian artist who is known for her awesome animal paintigs and who recently has moved in some different directions. She took one plein air painting and created a whole show from it, gathering new ideas. Check out her website @
I met Mia this summer when we visited my cousin Bill and his wife Marnie in Canada. Mia ia Marnie's sister-in-law. Bill and Marnie started the very popular and wonderful campground, Desert Lake Resort, now run by their daughter. Visit the campground site at and see just how cool it is, and beautiful, too.

We had a wonderful time there taking "Mom" on the pontoon boat when we toured around, looking for loons.

I will be putting my pink chair in the car and taking it on-site again as we paint together. I'll let you in on what is happening later in the week!

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