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Friday, September 2, 2011

Climb Every Mountain

View over Camden

After doing a two pink chair paintings at the cabin, I realized that I was looking at my new series. The bottom line was that I just didn't want to do anything else and I felt that this process would help me in my grieving. I had sat for a long time with Mom's book, reading again all she wrote about her life. What a gift that was! But now I was ready to move ahead in public and I had a whole day ahead of me. I decided that because it was a rare good weather day, to go up the auto road at Mount Battie. 

It really caught some eyes as I put the pink chair out on the edge. Tourists enjoying the view were saying "Boy, you really want to be comfortable up here". But as I spread out my paints and sat a distance away, my purpose became clear. Throughout the afternoon, people stopped and talked. I used a combination of transparent watercolor under opaque gouache, a new thing for me this summer, which I like better than transparent watercolor alone. I told the story of my mother and the chair over and over, and gave out the business cards that seemed to please people. Telling it over and over seemed to help me. The afternoon wore on and the crowd thinned. I slowed down as I got near the end, very reluctant to go. But finally, with the sun setting and the chill coming in, I finally picked up my paints and headed home. I really love this piece. I am transported back there instantly when I look at it.. 


  1. Hi It's me Mary Gail.
    What a beautiful story! The paintings are wonderful of course!! I must visit you again. I am sorry about the loss of your mom!, My mom passed 3 years ago and I celebrated her life by hosting a tea party for our friends. A celebration of life. We still talk about her and that day. I am happy that the "Pink" Chair found you! It was there for a reason and... talk about the timing! How glorious!
    Take care,

  2. Tryingto figure out how people can post here! The previous comment was sent to me by e-mail with the request to post.