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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Whole Picture, and a bonus!

My last post gave you your virtual invitation to the exhibit. However, part of the painting was hidden by the curve of the template I used. So here it is in it's entirety.

Remembrance 36x36 oil on canvas

I did this painting from a photo I took at Long Hill Sedgewick gardens, where I did "Meditation - First Lotus" which you saw earlier. This piece is the largest I have made so far. It is 3 ft. square! I do love it. I worked hard to try to get a spot where I would not see the chair, but I would see its reflection in the water. This was the perfect image for that. Like our memories, the image of the chair is there, but it is altered, by our perceptions, experiences, and by time. I find my memories of Mom are changed already. I am finding that qualities of my Mom that were in the background are coming to the foreground as I appreciate them more.

The bonus: After I did the above piece I did a second one. It is smaller, but it is also a reflection piece. It is called, (simply enough) "Reflection". I thought it would be easy after doing the big one. No way, it was harder that the big one, and I am not sure why. Life is like that sometimes. 

Reflection 18x24 oil on canvas

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