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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Daisy Love

Mom loved daisies - and she also wrote poetry. With no further ado:

The Daisy

I remember in my childhood,
I was alking one nice day
With my mother, in a garden,
Where the flowers bloomed so gay!

I bent down to pick a rosebud,
(twas a very lovely hue)
but my mother said "Don't pick it,
for it's not the thing to do."

As we were heading homeward through a field of daisies fair -
I was filled with joy and pleasure
at the great profusion there.
And my mother smiled and told me
that since these were only weeds
I could pick as many"flowers"
as would fill my every need...

by Carolyn Schulte

I just had to honor her with this painting:

                      Daisy Love 18x24 oil on canvas

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